Patient Testimonials

Dramatic Improvement

Sarah – I just wanted to take a moment to say how much I appreciate the work you have done for me over last few weeks. I was finding it difficult to bend down and impossible to turn my head to the right. My posture was bad and I was heading into retirement looking like a question mark with round shoulders.

But now thankfully things have improved dramatically. So I would like to say a big thank you for all your hard work. I would recommend anyone to book a appointment to see you. After each full session I felt fantastic.

A letter from Alan, 12 October 2016

Super Hero Dr. Tomer Gilboa

I watched the ‘Stranger on the Bridge’ on Channel 4 the other night and it really spoke to me on an emotional level. The guy said everyone should get to meet their hero, and I have been lucky enough to meet mine as I believe I was saved by my hero on the 13/04/12. It’s unsung heroes like Tomer and many others who deserve the recognition that they don’t so often get. They’re the real heroes of today, who don’t get enough credit. Kindness is magic.

Tweeted by Mrs Brown: 7 May 2015

Orthotics: Worth Their Weight in Gold

I would just like to thank all the staff for the service I received. I had previously purchased orthotics to fit inside my shoes from another company  which I wished I had never done. They caused such pain in my lower back, in my shoulders, both front and back, that after sitting down it was getting to a stage where I couldn’t move.  I read an article about the Lawrence Clinic and thought I would make an appointment. And I’m glad I did.

After visiting Jonathan Stanley  the Podiatrist I was referred  to Tomer with whom I had several appointments to get my spine straight. Next I paid Jonathan another visit and he made plaster casts of my feet which were then sent away to be made into my very own orthotics. I am now wearing them in my shoes all day,Without them I would still be in a lot of pain.

Believe me they are worth their weight in GOLD. I have recommended this clinic to lots of my friends who I’m sure they will be as highly satisfied as me.


A Life of Constant Pain

For the past three years of my life I have suffered with constant severe head pain due to a fall I had back in Summer 2011. I was constantly rejected by Doctors and specialists as they couldn’t find an answer for me, this understandably made me develop depression-like symptoms and I was very down. I felt as though nobody believed in me or understood the pain that I was in. It affected my life greatly as I lost masses of confidence both in myself and in my studies. After meeting Tomer it felt I had finally found someone who actually believed me. Tomer has currently been treating me for the past year where he has been able to recreate and reduce my pain.

Due to my body’s hypo-mobility it is difficult to find a complete cure for me but Tomer has never given up once and is always looking for new techniques to try. Without Tomer and The Lawrence Clinic I feel as though I would not be my happy self that I am today. Not only have I gained more confidence in myself but Tomer has inspired me to want to go into the medical profession and helped me a great deal. I would recommend him to anyone suffering with pain or discomfort and whose quality of life has been severely reduced.

Jade, Student

Beating Back Pain

For several years I have suffered with increasingly common and irritating periods of back pain. These would spread over my entire lower back and on occasion down my right leg, usually lasting from a day to three or four, and occasionally an entire week. As a keen triathlete these episodes affected the training I could undertake, often preventing me from running or cycling and only allowing shorter sessions in the pool.

The pain also affected my work were I frequently spend considerable time driving punctuated by short periods of heavy lifting in difficult environments. Both activities would be uncomfortable, and at the back of my mind always potentially a precursor of a much more serious back injury.

I found that it was taking longer to recover and increasingly affecting both my work and leisure time, and I was not prepared to put it down to simply ” getting older”.

I attended the Lawrence clinic after deciding to see if there was a solution to the cycle a few days pain every month or two. The clinic consists of a range of medical specialists and I found myself in the office of Tomer going over the problem and my thoughts on what might be causing it. As we chatted he threw in questions and ideas on the causative factors and between us we came up with a plan that would enable me to compete in a TRIATHLON RACE  the following weekend.

He performed a simple manipulation and the change was noticeable immediately, I was then given some deep tissue massage and some simple exercises to do. I was able to complete the event the following weekend and then returned to the clinic for a few further sessions to repeat the procedures and get more treatment and advice specific to my condition and aspirations of continuing to compete in multi-sport events.

I would not hesitate to recommend Tomer as a medical professional who Listens  to his patients and then comes up with treatment plans specific to the individual and their aspirations.

I now have very few episodes of pain, simple exercises to combat any recurrence of the symptoms, and a friendly face to provide excellent care when required. I can work and train in the confidence that I now know what to do to maintain my back pain-free, and have a simple option of a quick appointment if things become troublesome again.

Ian, Paramedic


Around the time of my retirement my hand began to give me problems and i had painful joints .My middle and ring finger on each hand lost mobility.I knew of the Lawrence clinic as friends and family had recommended me. A chiropractor Dr.tomer Gilboa , i saw Dr gilboa for an assessment and treatment several times. , Dr tomer had given me specific exercises to also do at home and i did the diligently. The results of the treatment has been quite amazing.The joints on all fingers were becoming ugly and mis-shaped and they all began looking much better. The pain of my joints has much reduced . I am able to manipulate my fingers, pick up needles etc and carry out many tasks that i couldnt do before.Last but not least i believe i may have avoided surgery. A big thank you to Dr. T. Gilboa , and the helpful and friendly staff at the lawrence clinic for their expertise and support

Mrs S Watson,  12 April 2013


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