Backcare for Gardeners

Spring is here

Gardening is a work out in itself. Many people do not class gardening as an exercise. People seem to run into the garden as soon as its spring not realising that they should be careful with their backs, especially if they have not exercised for a while. Gardening can be hard work and it can put a strain on the back, shoulders, neck and hip bones.

This week we have seen two gardeners with health problems. One particular gentleman had severe shoulder pain. We at the clinic find when the sun comes out so do the shovels and gardening tools including heavy lawnmowers.

Lifting the right way and bending is an important task. When bending you should always bend at the hips and not your back. If you are doing the weeding we advise sitting which will avoid added pressure on the knees and hips. Try to stretch your torso from your hips. Make sure when planting you use a cushion to kneel on to save your knees.

Warming up exercises are important before you start gardening as your body will not know it’s about to have a work out. If you do suffer any problems please book in for an appointment with either Rob Jackson, Tomer Gilboa or Richard Lehane.

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