Chiropractic Treatment

The most widely used treatment for back disorders

Chiropractic is not just a treatment, it also is maintenance of the body. Chiropractic is the most widely used treatment for back and neck disorders all over the world.

On visiting our Chiropractor for the first time you will under go a thorough examination which will always include a full medical history. The assessments will involve physical, neurological, and orthopaedic evaluation.

This initial assessment could take up to an hour and a half. The Chiropractor would normally give treatment during this session.

The Chiropractors at the Leeds Back Pain Centres are highly qualified. Dr. Tomer Gilboa who works at our clinics is a highly skilled person. He is a family man with three children. Our Chiropractor has many special interests, especially neck injuries and back problems, although he has a host of expertise in other areas, including pregnancy back pain.

The Chiropractor covers all aspects of muscle disorders, weaknesses, and joint disorders.

We offer a FREE screening programme for individual and families whichenables us to see where we can help; often certain conditions runs in families that is why it is also recommended to see other members of the family. We are lucky to have the advantage of a digital X-ray suite should the need arise for clarification of a person’s condition.

Dr.Gilboa works closely with GPs and like-minded practitioners. The Chiropractor and Podiatrist Jonathan Stanley are often seen running  joint clinics, they help alleviate symptoms for CHILDREN’S FOOT PROBLEMS AND WALKING PROBLEMS as well as sports enthusiasts, cyclists, runners and dancers.

A holistic approach against old and complex injuries.

Chiropractic at Leeds Back Pain Centres

I came to the clinic with hip pain and neck pain from which I had been suffering for many years. This had worsened to such an extent that I could hardly move. I had received extensive amounts of treatment for my problems over years before coming to the Lawrence clinic, but it had always been merely palliative and short-term.

At The Lawrence Clinic in Pudsey the Chiropractor and Podiatrist worked closely together to make a new diagnosis for the complex case that I presented and then design the best long-term treatment for me. After some months, I am now able to exercise again and fully expect to be able to participate in full contact sports in the near future.

The specialists co-operated so well and put so much effort into finding the key to my recovery. They succeeded and I will finally be without pain. It feels like a new life to me and I am so grateful for Tomer and Jonathan’s help.




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