Chronic Pain Management – by Dr.Tomer Gilboa

Chronic Pain Sufferer

Your Chronic Pain may be treatable

My name is Dr.Tomer Gilboa and i am a chiropractor based at The Lawrence Clinic, home of our Leeds Back Pain Centre based in Pudsey (our other site is in Bramhope). He has been practicing for nearly 10 years and would like to share something he sees regularly in his clinic, the management of chronic pain.

What is Chronic Pain?

Chronic pain is pain that lasts a long time – often more that three months. Another definition that some use is that chronic pain is “pain that extends beyond the expected period of healing“. Chronic pain is often pain that the patient’s own doctors have not been able to eradicate.

The pain is invariably in the same location and often starts many years previously. It usually starts with a niggle,a twinge or a muscle spasm, often initially caused by a wrong movement or lifting something heavy incorrectly. It usually goes away but then returns as short episodes each episode lasting longer and being more severe than the previous. At first the pain may last a few days, but then may increase to a few weeks, then months. For some it can go on for years.

Dramatic Effect on Quality of Life

Parents that come in often state that it is hard to carry out a normal daily routine. Even playing with their children or grandchildren can be a difficult task. Chronic pain can reduce your quality of life or even end up taking over completely.

Unnecessary Suffering

I finds it’s a sad state of affairs that many patients who attend The Leeds Back Pain Centre clinics have come as a last resort.  For various reasons they are unable to get satisfactory treatment from their own doctors and have been managing the pain on their own either self medicating or just stretching exercises.I Have a special interest in pain management and often sees patients whom he knows could have helped sooner.

Come in for a Free Assessment – Start to understand why you are in pain.

At The Leeds Back Pain Centre – part of the Lawrence Clinic – we can help ease your pain. If you have found that other doors have been shut on you and other therapists have not helped,its time you tried a new approach to chronic pain the way it should be treated, treating the whole body from the feet up.  Book a free assessment to see how we can help.

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