Physiotherapy for Sciatica


Chiropractic for SciaticaSciatica is a general term describing pain due to irritation of the sciatic nerve and its branches.patients may get referred pain . The sciatic nerve is a collection of spinal nerve roots arising from the lower back and buttock areaThese nerves can become aggravated by abnormal functioning of the spinal vertebrae,  the bulging of the spinal discs often known to most people as a slipped disc can also cause sciatic pain. pain from the sciatic nerve can be felt travelling down the leg and sometimes as far as the foot. Sciatica can start from the lower part of the back , though people don’t always experience back pain.Herniated disks may cause sciatic pain.

Sciatica can be treated by both Physiotherapists and Chiropractors. Which methods would suit an individual best can be determined during an initial consultation. Both practitioners will be able identify the cause of the irritation and provide treatment for this kind of condition.

People have been known to limp or barely be able to stand when they arrive at the clinic but leave with a noticeable difference.

Patients are often happy to get a diagnosis of this worrying pain and also to receive treatment in the same session. Although, it can take several treatments to help alleviate all of the pain.


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