Pills, Pills and More Pills

Use holistic Chiropractic can ease persistant pain.

See a holistic Chiropractor to ease persistant pain.

As I chiropractor, I am always amazed at how difficult it seems to be for patients to have their musculoskeletal pain and back pain diagnosed and treated well.

I’m often told by patients with back pain that they find themselves going back and forth to their GP. They first may be told their pain is caused by a muscle spasm and that it will just go away. They may also be given some muscle relaxant pills and told to put some heat on the area and rest the area. And when the pain does not go away – or gets worse – patients dutifully go back. They then are often given a diagnosis of back pain. They are told which muscle or joint is inflamed but not why they have this pain. They may be offered stronger medication to counter the inflammation. Patients then start taking regular pills. This is something that can take over a patients’ live. Taking pills in the morning. Taking pills when before they move. Taking pills before work.

Very few patients get told by their GP about the potential side-effects of long term use of pills and the damage it can cause to their bodies.

Think Differently

The pills may help reduce the inflammation, but may not address the root cause of the problem. We suggest patients to think differently. We recommend you see a holistic Chiropractor. I look at the whole body from the feet up and the head down. I look for the cause and correct that, not just the symptom. Without treating the cause, the symptom will only be suppressed and will often resurface again and again – like that weak spot that is in your back that always goes. Let us help you recover from this pain.

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